Going to see someone close to me…

and I’m looking for any and all weird songs and music album suggestions to start my travels off right. I’m a bit jaded by my current music pool and I’m looking for bands that aren’t well known. Do you guys have any underrated or overlooked music proposals?

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VIDEO-GAME ASKS..... I've Been Waiting for This....

  • A:Favorite Game of all time?
  • B:Favorite Series of all time?
  • C:Least Favorite Game of all time?
  • D:Favorite Soundtrack?
  • E:Favorite Sequel?
  • F:Biggest Let down?
  • G:What're you currently playing?
  • H:Favorite local multiplayer game?
  • I:Favorite Online multiplayer game?
  • J:Favorite system?
  • K:Game you're most looking forward to?
  • L:Favorite Licensed title?
  • M:Favorite Game of last year?
  • N:Favorite protagonist?
  • O:Favorite antagonist?
  • P:Favorite Genre?
  • Q:Any Guilty Pleasure Games?
  • R:Most underrated game?
  • S:Most overrated game?
  • T:Best game memory?
  • U:Favorite Handheld title?
  • V:First game you remember playing?
  • W:Any games you regret getting rid of?
  • X:What you'd like to change about your favorite franchise?
  • Y:What game would you want your child to play first?
  • Z:Game character you most associate with?
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the fact that there are animals who can see colors that i cant which means that there are colors that exist that it is literally impossible for me to envision is such fucking bullshit that i wanna rip open a couch and eat it

Humans have 3 types of rods for processing color (red green and blue). Mantis Shrimp have 16.

Fucking shrimp. I will NOT be jealous of food.

That’s fucking awesome! Just a minor correction, the cones have supposedly three types of color receptors (not the rods).  Also, I’ve heard that blue is most people’s favorite color which is weird because of its distribution among the other types of cones and the fact that it causes a slight haze effect when we try focusing on blue-violet light. 

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  • AnonymousLet us see that thong.
  • This next post will b for u baby.

    Let me know what you think. ;)

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